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Today I sorted. My library (which consists of well over 500 volumes) has been sorted into two main categories:
1. keepers
2. for new owners

and 5 sub categories:
a. wants to come with me NOW
b. Ireland
c. literature
d. comparative religions
e. health / garden

I have the sub-categories in piles on the floor in the Purple Room. They will go into nice plastic containers, and await the day I ship them across the sea….all but one stack. One stack are books that screamed, tossed themselves at me, or were otherwise too precious to leave behind. That stack is huge. I tried fitting them into my carry-on (my strategy for getting books over, so I am not restricted by the weight limit imposed on checked luggage), and besides the fact that they wouldn’t all fit, I was unable to lift the bag!!

Back to the drawing board.


but there was no jiggity jig.

He returned home yesterday. I was so sad I decided to skip out on a birthday party invitation and spent the entire evening watching the BBC version of Emma. Jane Austen is my comfort food of choice.

The visit was lovely, even though we spent way too much on the Car2Go and boiled in the heat. He suffered through flea bites and I through cramming for my finals, which were the day before he left! When he got home today there were three, count them 3, letters waiting for him from the INIS. It seems we were correct the first time. I need to be in the country before applying for permission to remain based on our Defacto Relationship status. It certainly makes sense that the application be submitted once I am there. They requested two things we hadn’t included, or thought of previously. We sent copies of each of our current bank statements, but they have requested, “Evidence of all finances available to both of you (i.e. 6 months bank statements, payslips, etc)”. They also requested, “Details of your partners future intentions in the State”. The last one is easy, as he clearly intends me to be unpaid house keeper/cook/chauffeur, in addition to office manager and creative partner when he starts his business. Of course, while the pay may be lousy, I hear the benefits are excellent! 🙂

Tom Petty knew what he was talking about!

We tried ringing the INIS help number during the times posted, in the hopes of a miracle, but the Garda was correct. They are no longer taking phone calls. We now must wait for a response to the letter posted by Himself earlier this week.

In the meantime, we occupy ourselves looking at houses on Daft and dream of a move to Cork to start his business.

you take it on faith, you take it to the heart…..

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