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Summer came to Ireland.  Sadly, I think it left already, but by golly it was here.  At least 3 – THREE – glorious weeks of SUN!  There were shorts, there were bathing suits, there was swimming.  People smiled, they joked, they were in fantastic form.  Ireland with a bit of sun is a country you want to live in!  No matter that it’s raining and chilly now…. there were THREE weeks of SUN!

And since we got our sun at home, no need to hop abroad for the rays.  Instead, we are visiting London for a week.  We leave Friday, and boy am I looking forward to exploring the city. I’ve never been to London proper.  In the past, I’ve only used its airport as a springboard to other destinations.  But now I get five days to sample what the famous city has to offer!


The Globe

Big Ben

House of Parliament

Hyde Park

Markets, food, drinks, music…….






Which way to Enfield?  Left.  No….it’s Right.  Left, I say.  No….It’s Right!

Visitor Tip: If you are visiting Ireland, make sure you have a map: a real, old-fashioned map, and know how to use it!  Signs are not always accurate, and GPS (no matter how smart) doesn’t know all the roads (especially boreens).

Co. Kildare : road signs

Co. Kildare : road signs



Original detailed print at: Wiki Commons buy a fat pig. Home again home again
jiggity jig!

I am home from Dubin, and while the conference was great, the shopping fun, and the lights pretty; I am immensely glad to be away from the throngs of people! It’s funny, but since moving down here to Cork I had forgotten how I dislike the constant jostling of Dublin streets.

20121124-215605.jpgMy journey up was on the train. Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) is suppose to have €9 each way tickets if you purchase 3 days in advance, but there weren’t any! I ended up paying almost 50 for a return ticket, which was ok….but I sure would have preferred the cheaper rate! I used to get what I thought was a great deal (€45) on a hotel in the city centre. My room at Dublin Citi Hotel was clean, quiet (for an inner city space) and sooo convenient!

I treated myself to eggnog lattes, a burrito bowl at Pablo Picantes, and treats from M&S – oh, and those tan leather boots….. (but ssshhh, I haven’t told Himself about those yet).

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