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Texas, your fierce blood in my veins burns like the August sun.
Flesh of granite lime stone particles.
Spanish Oak hair drifts in the biting North Wind.
My body is your body. You travel the world and through my touch, you are. Where my foot falls, you stand.
The eyes that strangers feel gazing upon them in steady unwavering focus are yours. In Me, they meet You.

My Grandfather silently encourages, “remember the stock you come from. Barry and Sawyer.”

Bone and Blood from other Land ground and spilled with Texas. She embraced them. Kissed their tears and tore at their hearts.

Texas, My Texas
all hail the mighty State!

the prairie grasses and other plants transport me. I am in the Texas of past centuries. the strong blocks of Texas limestone gleam creamy.

this gem of my ‘hood is undergoing renovation. I approve.

I am in the throes of a terrible case of homesickness.

    All the wonderful things about Austin are heavy on my heart.

Going for a jog with my little Big. Taking my Little big charity shop hunting. Sauntering through my tree filled neighborhood, in sandals and summer skirt, to sip chocotinis with friends while listening to groovy tunes on the patio at Dolce Vita. (the huffington post obviously loves Dolce, too – see slide 4). Bike rides to Wheaties for nourishing locally grown organic food. Time spent in meandering conversation with friends. My purple room, and my purple chair. An easy bus ride downtown for any number of art, club, restaurant, outdoor, tank top wearing pursuits. Walking 3 blocks, accompanied by bird song, to any of 3 great coffee shops. My spiritual community.


    Have you ever felt homesick? How did you cope?

and into the Texas heat.

People who visit Texas from the north, or Ireland (as the case may be), are often taken aback by the oppressive August heat. In these moments I am fond of contrasting the seasons for them. In the bitter cold of a northern winter, Mother Nature attempts to create yummy human Popsicle sticks. Perhaps for an early spring snack. In Texas she lounges, margarita in hand, as she slow roasts us. Making Her own version of BBQ human kabobs.

He arrives for his visit today. In 12 hours, to be exact. :squeee: The agenda includes lots of time at Barton Springs. I think the cool 20 Celsius water will help him forget the 38 degree bbq pit we’ll be walking around in. We’ll also watch the bats come out, and maybe take in a movie at the Alamo.

My mother is coming to visit (mostly to meet him) on Sunday. I think we’ll go over to Ginny’s for chicken-shit bingo and Dale Watson. We’re heading down to the Salt Lick Sunday night for BBQ (not the human kind), and the rest will be spent lounging. Ok, I’ll be studying. I have finals on Thursday!

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