I am a Massage Therapist and Birth Doula who is back in school for a professional degree. I am passionate about the arts; having tried my hand (or done my time) at both stage and film acting. Before school ate my evenings, I was active with the Vortex Repertory Company, where I am still a company member. I met my partner while in Ireland on holiday; at the Old Ground in Ennis to be exact. (It’s a long story as to how my Donegal partner, who lived in Dublin, ended up in Ennis that night. Maybe I’ll tell you over pints some day.) I’m a mixed breed mutt, like most Americans, though I am particularly proud of my Irish and Native American heritage. I’m an only child who was reared on a family farm and the country life is truly the life for me!

In my spare time I enjoy jogging, hill walking, non-fiction reading, knitting, painting, and daydreaming.  Other interests include megaliths, wine, chamber cairns, scrambling up mounds in the pissing rain, holy wells, the performing arts, meditation, taking wrong turns just to see where the road leads, eating local, organics, antique shopping, dancing all night under pulsing lights, opera, Bulmers, charity shop hunting, trad music, and riotous laughter.