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We didn’t move; in fact, we may have narrowly escaped a fate worse than…. making a cuppa, then realising you are out of milk!  Yes, the townhouse overlooking the harbour in Crosshaven would have been lovely–especially on a sunny day!  But when you’ve signed a lease, paid your money, and started moving bits and bobs, only to arrive on ‘The Day’ to a padlocked front gate with a hand scribbled note saying, “Do not move into this house,” you begin to feel something isn’t right in the state of Denmark (or, was that fishy?).

And such was our mis-adventure in Crosshaven.

Seems the owner saw my listing on AirBnB — we rent our spare room to the occasional globetrotter– and didn’t like it.  So naturally, instead of ringing us like…I don’t know, a sane person, to either let us know she didn’t like it or ask us questions, she padlocked the gate.  Like you do.

There we sat in front of the house: a car-load full of stuff and  her scribbled note in hand. Himself rang her, to find out what, in the name of all that’s Green and Emerald-like, was going on.  She was paranoid, unable to communicate, belligerent, and (in the language of my Little big) Cray-Cray.

It was painful.  I personally can not recall a time I have been treated with so little regard or respect by a total stranger (only family is suppose to treat me that way…huh?).  We considered legal action, since she was in violation of the tenancy agreement of 28 day notice.  But I think it’s safe to say, Himself has decided against that course (hence, my freedom to finally write about it).  Instead, we collected our rent, deposit and the items we had already moved, and began to heal our wounds.

And wounds there were–it was a traumatic experience.  The owner’s behavior was abusive; it stripped us of our personal power.  But more than that, it was shaming.  We had been judged, and found wanting.  I saw this immediately, and calmly reminded us both that we had done nothing wrong.  By naming the experience, it helped us recover.  But it took days! Our hearts hurt, and we both found ourselves taken with a sense of violation.

Looking back, this woman’s behavior (when we initially viewed the property) did set-off warning bells.  At the time, I chalked them up to a bit of eccentricity (which I am fond of myself).  However, repeatedly asking whether someone is “sure” they aren’t friends with so-and-so, accompanied by a squinty, suspicious look, is more than a little impolite–it’s downright paranoid.  As is repeatedly telling prospective tenants you “don’t need to” rent your place–the implication being, you are not in need of their financial contribution and thus retain ALL personal power in the transaction.  Oh, had we headed the warning signs!

Ah, well.  We are now forced to spend the late spring and early summer in the glorious countryside, while flowers bud and bloom all around us.  Yes, tragic…I know.

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