We have decided to move.  The man of the house has struggled out here in the countryside almost from day one.  He is a townie, and this was his first foray into country living.  The house, which he admits is gorgeous, artistic, and utterly charming, is that little bit too far from amenities to suit him.  I grew-up in the country, so am well use to the distance and isolation.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve been able to live in the country again for years and I have loved every minute of it!

But, as I seem fated for movement, never settling in one place for long, I eventually consented.  He began house hunting while I was home for Christmas.  When I got back we drove out to the look at the one he found, and liked, in Crosshaven.

Crosshaven is a coastal town.  Situated about 20 minutes SE of Cork city, the village sits at the mouth of the Owenabue river and Cork harbour.  It’s a picturesque area, with a forested headland across the river. The village is also home to the Royal Cork Yacht Club, supposedly the oldest yacht club in the country, which means the sheltered coast is full of marinas and sail boats: very pretty to look at!

The house he found  (and we decided on) is a period mid-terrace townhouse right across from the water, on the main road.  Like most Irish rental properties it is “furnished”. What this means varies from place to place.  For instance, the place we are now was stylishly furnished, with tasteful decorations, and included cooking utensils and glassware   The new place is rather more typical — spartan and cold.  This is both bad and good.  Bad, because it will cost money to make it feel homey and comfortable; good, because I get to be a CONSUMER!

This afternoon we drove over to the estate agent (realtor) to sign the lease and pay the rent and deposit.  Just like back home, you typically pay first months rent and a deposit equal to a months rent.  In addition to the lease, we had to complete a form for the Private Residential Tenancies Board.  The PRTB is an organisation set up by the government to provide dispute resolution service for landlords and tenants.  All landlords are required to register their properties with the service.

We will start moving things over next weekend.  I’m sad to leave my little Irish cottage, but also looking forward to a new adventure.  Here’s a teaser of the view from our new front bedroom: