Did I ever share the story about the racist Australian that stayed with us? Oh, well…. She was a real peach.  She spent a night with us (doing the AirBnB thing).  She was travelling the country alone, apart from a visit to distant relations outside Dublin, so we invited her to join us for our evening meal.  As we were eating, I asked questions about Australia.  Having never been, I was curious about the geography, politics, and social life.  After about thirty minutes, she let her true colors fly.

She sat in my kitchen, at my table, and told me how Aboriginals are like animals.  How their bodies are physiologically different from “ours” (I presume she meant ‘white’ people), and that they don’t metabolize alcohol the same.  This was the reason Aboriginal peoples needed to be kept away from booze.  She also told us how the government, in its unbounded generosity (pardon me while I choke), had built encampments for the native population of her prison island.  That the government gave new cars to the native population.  But that these wonderful gifts were abused and destroyed, due to the inability to metabolize alcohol  like the ‘rest’ of us.

The worst part was her story of the fenced region inside the Aboriginal encampments.  She told us how the government had to build a safe house, encircled by razor wire, with an opening so small, only a child could fit through.  Can you guess why?  (pardon me again, I need to take a few deep breaths and calm down)  She said the Aboriginal men, when crazed by the alcohol they can’t metabolize, try to attack and rape their own children.

Oh – I was livid.  Looking at this white racist sitting in MY home, across from me at MY table, spewing such hate.

Thankfully, Himself saw the flash of red fury in my own NATIVE eyes and took charge.  He steered the conversation and I excused myself.

I share this story today because I ran across this great video awarded the United Nations Media Peace Prize.  Have a look at Babakiueria (“Barbecue Area”)

note: Aboriginal people who have watched this film state that it was a good film as it did represent the truth about how they are politically represented, but it could have been better if it was written by an Aboriginal instead of a white person, as they would have presented the film using Aboriginal culture instead of using the whites’ controlling methods of a society.

Read more: http://www.creativespirits.info/resources/movies/babakiueria-barbecue-area#ixzz2MsWd09mp

[youtube http://youtu.be/SHK308_MTiU]