Today I interviewed for a position at UCC (I almost typed “auditioned” there–what does that tell you about how much I miss the theatre?) and it was so much fun!  There is a great project starting there this year, which is:

  • collaborative
  • looking at equality issues
  • interdisciplinary
  • and research focused

How could I not submit my CV?

The interview itself was a first for me.  I’ve not worked outside of my private practice since I’ve been here.  It was exciting to see how the process is handled in an Irish university setting.  Truth be told, the exposure to European thought on the very social issues close to my own research track is what motivated me to apply for the position.

Besides, it’s part-time!  Perfect for my life!


The campus is beautiful.  It has a delightful old world charm about it; exactly what you imagine a European university looking like. Trinity, in Dublin, feels the same way.  I had fun strolling around the campus, having a coffee in the student lounge, and watching students hustle to lecture.

As I was leaving, I saw the cutest thing ever!  A whole group of tiny people, dressed in the long black robe of the scholar, being led on a tour of the campus.  UCC apparently offers a “Children’s Junior Conferring Tour” to national schools.  It really looked like an entire First Year class at Hogwarts being led out to a lecture on magical plants or something. Brilliant!