I scurried out to the porch this morning to refill the turf basket with fuel. I found the front door open, so closed it and reached into the container for briquettes. Quick as a flash something brown whizzed by me. I jumped, maybe screamed just a bit, and opened the door to step outside. What in the world! It must have been a mouse, or…. please no…a rat!! From the window ledge I heard a beating sound and there by the glass, lo and behold, was a Robin Red Breast!

We gently gathered hir up and released hir outside, where the Robin flew handily away. I hear that in the south east of Ireland they believed that if a robin entered a house it was a sign of snow or frost.

East Cork…we better batten down the hatches!

[note: I don’t believe the death omens associated in some folklore with Robins, simply because the majority of their associations are positive. I leave the scarier omens to other birds :grin:]