Today was glorious! After the summer-that-never-was, we were given a gloriously warm and sunny day. Hallelujah! Himself, being the entrepreneur he is, took the afternoon off and we headed for the beach.


Our favorite southern beach is only 25 minutes away. We packed a lunch, donned our swimwear, grabbed a blanket and a towel, and dashed down to soak up the rays. Many like-minded souls had preceded us, and we marveled at the packed parking area. After sashaying past the groups of little kids, we found a cove for two…..and shared it with another couple and single female. No bother! We had sandwich rolls to devour, sunscreen to apply, and Vitamin D to absorb.

The harbour was awash with gorgeous sailboats. Himself took his first sailing lesson a few weeks back (he dreams of cruising the Mediterranean), so we eyed-up the many options anchored before us. After several hours of baking and reading P&P, I decided to immerse myself in salty Mama ocean. Brrrr, she is chilly this far north, but yumyum, what a treat! My skin loves the prickly tingly feel of salt water. Growing-up as I did on the Texas Gulf Coast, the beach was only 10 miles as the crow flies. I spent many pleasant days as a child, and triple that as a teenager, on Matagorda beach. I adore the ocean.

Today was the first time I ever swam in Ireland.

It was immensely appropriate to purify myself on this holy Friday, as we enter the Old Lughnasadh time. Aoine Chrom Dubh – may our harvest be blessed.