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The sun has made a comeback!  It’s amazing how a little sunlight shifts mood and increases energy.  Seriously, I am from Texas…home to perpetual sunshine.  I have never experienced the gloomy short days of winter and the very REAL physiological symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  SO Glad the sun has returned!

It was just in time, not only for my mood, but for the new plants I put in.  The weather had warmed up even before the skies cleared and I was down to the garden center for plants.  It has been wonderfully fun clearing beds, making new compost piles, and wriggling my fingers in the dirt.  I’m glad I prettied things up a bit because we’ve had visitors!

We hosted several people last week and over the weekend (our spare bedroom is listed on AirBnB).  This house is just so enchanting!  When we moved in I wanted to share it with everyone.  I started begging and bribing my friends and family to come visit, even got Himself to invite his far flung friends and family, but that didn’t seem to be enough.  I clearly needed to share it with strangers, too! Most of our guests have been American, though we did have two Australians last month, which was fun.  They were on the tail end of an 8 month world travel odyssey and their stories were great! In the next few months we will be hosting a couple from the UK and another from Spain, along with a few more Americans.

Today we learned that we are torturing our fish!  Remember the two little guys Himself convinced me of last year?  Well, since moving here he has added to the family.  We now have 8 goldfish, which is wonderful; however, the silly pet shop people told him he could keep that many in a 50 liter tank!  They have been getting sick, and now our Black  Moor has white spot.  I’ve been scouring the internet for help and discovered that the minimum size for TWO (2) goldfish is 100 Liters!!!  We are poisoning our poor fish with nitrites, nitrates, and general poor water quality.  So, now we must purchase a new tank and decide what to do with these guys.

OH – we got a wicker sofa and chair for our sun-room.  They are vintage 70’s, in a lovely mint green with tan trim.  I’m really enjoying them and yesterday Himself took the chair out to the gardens to read while I was stretched out on the grass getting sun.  Just perfect!

Life in east Cork…. living in dream land…er, I mean…living the dream!  😉

A beautiful hawk (not sure the type) perched briefly in our pine yesterday afternoon, eyeing the bird feeder. With the abundant variety of birds visiting the feeders (and those drawn to observe that abundance) I need a good book to help me identify them!

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