There was a true Conference of the Birds in our front garden this morning!  We bought a couple of feeders last week, filling a few with peanuts and a few with mixed seed.  There is a little tree in the front garden that kept its leaves all winter (it reminds me of eucalyptus, not that I really know what that looks like) and offers a choice spot for feeder hanging that is visible from the window seat upstairs.  I hung one peanut and one mixed seed on this little tree.

This morning while I was watching a happy jumble of birds hop from feeder to ground to feeder a cacophony erupted.  The tall Ash tree, still bare, was suddenly alight with little chirping, chattering, twittering birds.  They sounded out in a discordant chorus.  I fumbled for my iTouch, in order to record the sound before they departed.  Good thing I was quick because within minutes the sound ceased, as if on cue, and the whole troupe were off for their next performance.

au revoir!  and…break a leg!