I woke up today feeling like a Picasso painting; except I didn’t. I didn’t wake up feeling disjointed and turned sideways, though I did video the morning bird song with a sideways angle to the camera, so that playback makes you feel you are slipping ever so slowly off the earth…or that the earth suddenly shrank and you see its curve turning, turning, turning.

No, I woke up feeling like a Monet painting. The tiny dots and strokes of paint, each day of my life, which up close and in the moment seem to be only dots and strokes. Though when you step back…and view them from a different perspective, you see they make up a beautiful scene. Intricate in detail and awash with color and grace. Such is life.

The grace to retain this knowing and remind yourself daily to step back. Look at things from a larger perspective and see the tapestry of color and pattern that each breath is creating. Easier said than done!

You know…as much as I don’t want to feel like a Picasso, it would be interesting to feel like a Kahlo! Vivid, in your face, and profane! Like a Wild Woman running barefoot screaming her name on the wind. That would be LIFE –  to feel it pulsing inside in an explosion of passion, tears, anger, joy!

Still, I did wake up feeling like a Monet. With gentle color and brush strokes, engaged in – oh, so refined and delicate activity; sitting on the window seat listening to morning bird song while I sipped my tea. Hmm

With all the mind-is-unified-field-bells-theorem running in my head, perhaps I aught to engage in a little Kahlo-esque activity as I go for that walk later. Living Out LOUD seems to fit with this deep pondering!