It’s the little things in life.  Seriously!

A trip to Midleton was planned for the day;  Himself needed to collect some files and I, dear readers, was in need of a treat.  I try to hold out for Saturday when we shop at the Midleton Farmers Market.  There, I queue up with everyone else in town and wait my turn for a mocha from O’ Conaill’s Chocolates.  But it’s been cloudy, rainy, and I’ve had a three day bout of S.A.D. so I tagged along for the trek to Midleton and a visit to Farmgate, for my treat!

You can grab a Mocha for take-away for only one euro fifty! Seriously!! And they are DE-licious!

And of course, while you’re waiting for the other half to finish business, it is necessary to check-out any sales.  Wouldn’t you know it?  O’dwyer Shoes has a 50% off sale!! The absolutely cutest pair of Portuguese boots were calling to me!  I think they would make a super birthday or early valentine gift.  ::hint, hint::

A delightful Wednesday was had by all…. I got my treat (He got one, too) and I found something for Him to spend his money on!  🙂