First off, don’t risk trying to shop right now. For anything! You may be accosted by brussel sprout wielding mothers pushing their battle cart prams.

Christmas in Ireland is a huge family event. People all over the country make the long trek home. (Blahahahahahaha) I tried to say that with a straight face. I really did. The loooong journey. I’ve heard it mentioned numerous times on the radio. I just can’t take it seriously! Driving 4 hours, or gasp! 6 hours in this country apparently requires survival provisions and extra blankets in the car in case of blizzard. Ok, maybe it’s not that extreme but a 4-6 hour car ride is talked up like a massive undertaking.

This is child’s play when you come from a State where 24 hours later you are lucky if you are exiting the borders and heading into neighboring territory!

But, as with everything in Life, it’s all relative.

Seriously though, if you didn’t purchase your brussel sprouts today I’m afraid they are all gone. Ditto with the booze. The Hordes have cleaned them out already. Best hunker down and pray Stephen’s Day arrives early!

(WARNING: …I’m Home Alone…so these little Christmas missives may be posted under the influence of heavily nogged eggs)