And not the Irish Dose! (which means some one/thing bad or annoying)

Visiting neighbors and friends. It is a big thing. I’ve seen it happen at Himself’s family home. Neighbors, extended family, and friends popping in before the day (Christmas day itself) to wish everyone cheer and bring a little something; whether wine, food, flowers, etc. They don’t stay long, maybe an hour, and use the time to catch-up with the gossip.

Today I was invited to my neighbors’ for a Christmas Eve gathering. I admit, I did wrestle with whether I should go. I mean, Himself isn’t here and I’m not with him because some worrying events popped up back home yesterday morning and I just wasn’t in good form. It seemed awkward somehow to show up without him. Thankfully the Powers decided for me. Literally. The power went out, and where would you rather be? A lonely old house by yourself or huddled around candles with others who are laughing and making merry?

I’m glad I went. Almost everyone on our lane was there! And what’s more, they all received, read, and remembered the cards I dropped in mail slots the other day announcing my massage practice. Everyone was so nice. The atmosphere warm and comforting. I was invited by two of my neighbors for Christmas dinner tomorrow, in the event I don’t make it up to Donegal. I also found out where regular set dancing happens! I’ve been wanting to learn for ages now.

ASIDE:…. there was mulled wine tonight, which appears to make me less snarky than nogged eggs 🙂