We decided to list our spare room on AirBnb. I think it will be a fun way to share this beautiful part of the country with others, and get a bit of built in entertainment! I’ve never used AirBnb but two of my friends have. My lovely friend Andrea offers her spare room to guests back home in Austin and my friend Shimmer stayed with a couple in Dublin last time he was over.

The concept of AirBnB seems a bit like couch surfing but with more privacy. At least I think that’s the concept. Cheaper than a traditional BnB, with perhaps not the same standard; ya know, more homey maybe. This fits my philosophy of travel, and really most things in life. Even in my massage practice I keep my prices below market value because I think bodywork should be accessible to everyone, not just those with significant discretionary income.

Have any of you used AirBnB?