Himself has a friend from back home who plays in a Dublin band. We were informed several weeks ago that he would be playing in Cork city, at Crane Lane Theatre. Since he is a childhood friend and we haven’t been out in ages, it was duly marked on the mental calendar. I wasn’t sure about the “psychedelic garage rock” genre, but some things trump skepticism.

We didn’t bother getting in to town till about 10pm, since the band wasn’t on till midnight. Himself was hungry so we grabbed a slice of pizza then headed into Counihans pub for pre-music-venue pints. A Bob Dylan tribute band was playing, and while I’m not usually a fan of tribute bands these guys were good! The lead singer, sporting a black hat and gray beard, clearly had a Cork accent when he spoke, but his enunciation and articulation when singing were spot on Dylan. The atmosphere was so enjoyable we stayed till closing!

After my final round (He was driving – poor Him) we walked across the street to Crane Lane. The inside of this venue is really cool! I don’t know its history but the main stage has traditional red velvet curtains, fitting with the name. I was actually in the mood for a chocolate martini, which they did not serve, so the barman recommended ….. something I could not understand. I agreed (you only live once, right?). He poured one or two dark liquids into the glass, dropped a slice of orange in, and then asked whether I wanted orange juice or fizzy orange. I opted for fizzy. The drink tasted like an orange creamsicle! Which, in the moment, was yummy! (though the alcohol mixing and excess sugar weren’t so yummy the day after!)

So, the Northern Drones (the band Himself’s friend is in) sounded kinda like…. the Doors. Ok, so maybe not. But they had that trancy, deep sound you imagine playing as background music in old footage of people in the 60’s tripping on acid. What? You haven’t seen that footage? The music sort of drifted in and out, with a constant push ahead, even though I couldn’t really tell where it was going. That was the theme of the music, for me. The push…driving forward to somewhere…. His friend plays bass. His friend spent the entire set with his back turned to the audience. Afterwards, I didn’t ask why. I didn’t want to. I preferred imagining he kept his back to the hungry eyes of modernity while seeking his inner illusion of solitude and oneness with the psychedelic sound waves of bliss. Groovy man…..

Needless to say, we had a GREAT time and for some mysterious reason I had a headache the next day. :whistles while looking around innocently: Himself needed to lodge some cheques and post a few business letters so I ventured in for fresh air. We stopped at the butcher and then the market for dinner items. He was about to toss in biscuits when I stopped him.

Why don’t we make our own cookies …. from scratch?

So, into the basket goes light brown sugar (which I was out of) and semi-sweet chocolate chips. When we got home I whipped up some scrumptious cookies while he finished work. It was nice indulging one of my favorite childhood past times and it made me miss my Mother. I have fond memories of her making cakes or cookies and me helping her… in the best way possible. By licking the bowl!