I can’t sleep!! Most of this I attributed to jet-lag, thinking my body must still be on “Texas Time”. (admittedly, I like the sound of that…it’s like a country song – WAIT, I think it might BE a country song!)

Anyway, I’m not sleeping…. at least not until 4am, which is NO BUENO! Even Himself is not sleeping…. well, he doesn’t really count because his night-owl tendencies are well documented. They are why we are in a relationship to begin with! (late night chats across time zones) As I lay tossing and turning last night, having him check for the nth time that the doors and windows were bolted, it dawned on me. The house is haunted!!

{EDIT: I’ve since found more information on the old demesne across the street. You can read about it on the landed estates site.}
But first, let me tell you about the demesne across the lane from us. The stretch of laneway that runs northwest of the house is stunning! Truly breathtaking. The land is gentle, mostly rolling pasture, dotted with sloping rows and patches of mature trees. A mountain range is just visible on the horizon, and the hedgerow is healthy and vibrant.

The mature trees belong to an old demesne, undoubtedly British or Norman. You can just make out the expansive roof and rows of chimney tops above the treeline. Since Sunday was gloriously sunny I decided to explore. At the tail end of my run I ventured down a few lanes in search of an entrance. The first trail I took led me down to an abandoned dairy. No Manor House, but they had a lovely little stone bridge and their hedge was thoughtfully planted and in full bloom. But I found joy down the second lane!

After a sharp bend in the road, and the sudden onslaught of a few large neighbor dogs, I was under huge trees; a sure sign of colonial occupation. The house is large and ruinous! (sooo romantic) Tattered curtains billow behind broken windows. The first visible building was a massive stables with high walls and tiny windows. From under the arch leading into the stables you can see the house. Whoever owns the property clearly uses the land for a dump. There were abandoned farm implements, barrels, broken machinery, and strangest of all…… a dilapidated TRAILER! Talk about Beverly Hillbillies! I was uncomfortable roaming too near, you never know when a wild dog might leap out at you! (in some ways, it’s easy to tell the Irish settled those mountains in Tennessee….just say’in – and I have a few in my bloodline) Still, very Gothic feeling!

Now, to my haunting. As you know, we have a …. probably bronze age… standing stone in the back garden. In the field, and on the low rise, just behind the house is an iron age ring fort. (to the locals, that’s a Fairy Ring…and very dangerous. The rumor has it, if you enter the ring your sleep will be disturbed for 7 years) The main structure of the house is 300 years old so its occupants would have seen numerous uprisings and rebellions against British occupation, many waves of emigration, and the deadly famine.

It started almost immediately upon moving in. We routinely see things in the corner of our eyes, but not inside, the object is always outside. Whatever it is that we see moving is large and often white. After a certain time at night we feel we are being watched. One night, Himself was sitting at his desk in the sunroom, working VERY late (after midnight) when he had a sudden feeling that he shouldn’t be in the room and then :bam: My Chinese lantern fell to the ground. Its attaching hardware tossed out of the wooden beam onto the floor. At that same time, I was upstairs sleeping and suddenly woken by a bright light outside. I thought perhaps the moon was out or someone had left an outside light on. I got up to see, and to hunt down my sleep mask, but there was nothing. No moon, no light…just a glow.

Since we started noticing these things, we also find that if we aren’t asleep before midnight it’s going to be VERY difficult to get there! Last night we both tossed and turned, heard continual noise downstairs…even the repeated sound of a doorknob being turned. It’s a mad house in this house after the witching hour! I’m beginning to think the little Spook, built high up into the stone wall in the sitting room, is mocking us. Or at least a few of his friends are. 😀 Either way, I need a friendly truce with the spirits because my beauty sleep is nonexistent!