Shortly after I moved over last September the chorus of, “I want a fish”, began. Himself was intermittently exuberant, pouty, and generally beseeching me to “allow” him to get a fish…or two.

Finally, I gave in. Two little goldfish came home with us; a little Shubunkin I named Cú Chulainn because hir black spots remind me of the legendary Ulster warrior’s battle rage, and a cute Comet I name Emer, who was the hero’s wife. Goldfish are a lot of work. They are quit susceptible to shock so must be treated carefully when changing their water, which must be done EVERY week. They also need to be fed twice daily. Guess who changes their water and cleans their bowl? That’s right. ME. :-/

When we moved to Cork last week the little fishes had to be transported. While He drove the van with our belongings (protected by his little Samurai house guardian), I drove the car with the fishes safely strapped into the front seat. I am happy to report that despite experiencing perhaps their first ever turbulent water with at least three or four waterfall-like-episodes they seemed delighted to be having a grand adventure.

Except poor Cú. He regularly gets swim bladder infection and I have to fast them both, then boil and hand-feed them peeled peas. (he is VERY high maintenance!!) (also notice who treats these fish who supposedly belong to Himself…hmmmm) Last night Cú starts his floating trick. It was so bad that s/he was literally upside down! It was too late at night to rush out for fresh peas so I placed my hands on either side of the bowl and sent Reiki to the little fish.

I don’t talk much on this blog about alternative health care, even though I am a massage therapist and birth doula who is reiki attuned. This is my first post about healing modalities and, in keeping with my quirky identity, it was for my fish. (notice that I called them MINE just there) I am again happy to report that little Cú was right side up within one minute. (no kidding!)

So, if you haven’t tried Reiki …. it comes highly recommended by two little Irish Fish.