Gloriously Sunny!

Today was a divine-cloudless-ice-cream-cone-eating-sundress-wearing-windows-down-moment-of-eternity-summer-day.

In the endless unfolding present of today which was perfection, we visited three beaches in east Cork. We walked on the sand, hopped on barnacle covered sea weed washed rocks, gorged on strawberry twirl 99’s , and bathed in the sun.

We first visited Pilmore strand. It is just outside of Youghal (yawl)on the far eastern fringes of county Cork. It is designated as a blue flag beach and offers a nice parking lot with plenty of space, but the beach itself, while nicely expansive, lacked soft sand. Perhaps the tide was low today. It was a little marshy so we traveled onward to our next stop…. but first, a little wrong turn to the very tip … at Knockadoon camp, which overlooks knockadoon head. It was a nice detour because we saw Jesus in the Garden (someone had a lovely planted front garden with Jesus crucified as the center piece – dedicated to the pelican ??) and the Purrrrr-fection of a cottage with thatched roof and rose covered walls. :drool: Next stop was Garryvoe Strand. This place was hopping! A nice hotel overlooks the water. A little shop was doing a brisk trade in 99’s. A hot food stall was set-up, as was a bouncy castle for the kids. The parking lot was crammed full and loads of families spilled out over the beach for a joyous day of it. We walked around a bit here, exploring rock outcroppings and eating ice-cream. The barnacles attacked my leg and I experimented with sea weed as a bandage. Again, it was mostly a pebbly beach with little soft sand so we ventured to one more stop; Ballynamona beach. It also had a nice parking lot and loads of people were about. We walked down and sat in the sand…where I buried Himself – trapping him and leaving him vulnerable to the hugging attack of a little terrier. The beach was also pebbly but with more soft sand (as evidenced by my burying antics). We watched puppies run up and down, saw a mean game of beach badminton,and enjoyed the view of the lighthouse.

I don’t know if there are more beaches in east Cork. If so, we want to explore them as well ~ but next trip is definitely west cork!