Not that I ever was.. in Kansas that is. You see, the difference between the winter Land and the summer Land here is dramatic. In fact, if one isn’t careful, one might find oneself in a place they thought was familiar, only to have a vague sensation that…. they have no idea where they are. Toto, I think we might be in Oz.

But not Oz…as in “going for my year in Oz”…. as in Australia…..No, no. You might find yourself turned up side down, but I don’t mean you will find yourself turning up down under.

What I mean to say is that I spent Friday reading course material on the Hill of Tara. It was a stunningly beautiful day. Full sun with barely a whiff of cloud in the sky and temperatures soaring to 73 degrees (fahrenheit). The hills were covered in yellow buttercups, the grass was tall and billowy, and the trees were leaf full and heavy. I walked the path to find the swell I normally plant myself on when suddenly…..

Nothing seemed familiar. The trees all looked different. The shape of the hills had changed. The contours were…off. The landscape had dressed Herself in a new cloak and I felt I didn’t even know Her.

Not as cocksure, a little more humble, and certainly full of marvel, I gaped. My mouth open. Surely I must paint a dreadful image of a besmitten suitor.

Blanket spread, books open, sun screen applied and bikini top exposed, I listened. I needed to see if she sounded different to the touch of my heart. and….. She DID!! A low drone…..drone…..drone… was that machinery? a distant … dirt bike? No, No. None of these man made inventions.

It was Insects!! The constant, incessant, drone of LIFE tasting the delicacies of the abundant buttercups!

Ireland… you never cease to amaze me!