I dropped in to our local health food store today for a very routine purchase. I like to keep a blended tincture of Echinacea and Golden Seal on hand for illness. Browsing the small tincture section I spotted Echinacea but could not find the blend anywhere. After asking the owner I was shockingly informed it wasn’t available anymore. In fact, once she sold out of her existing supply of Golden Seal tablets there wouldn’t be anymore of that! A new EU directive is regulating herbal medicine, and the process is simply too expensive for most producers.

She told me St. John’s Wort was taken off previously, as was 5HTP. I have always believed Europe to be supportive of Complimentary Medicine. There is a long tradition of using herbal products in Germany, France, the UK, and many other countries, as well as research to support their usefullness. I simply do NOT understand this happening.

Looks like I will need care packages from the U.S. :unhappy face: