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The sky is grey. Clouds are low. Strong gusts bend the young trees. Light sprinkles of rain dot my window.

I sit inside, sipping a latte and reading about the development of religious studies.


It’s a grey day. The clouds hang low and spit rain periodically. It’s about 13 degrees (57 Fahrenheit).

I can see the GAA pitch from my room. Little ones are on the field for practice. They seem to have hurley sticks but I can’t be sure.

One of the spare rooms was transformed into my dressing room. The bed is against the wall, like a day bed, and allows me to lounge back while gazing out of the window. My antique dressing table is adorned with faery lights. My prayer flags cross the ceiling and the Chinese lantern hangs in the center.

I’m sitting here now. Back against the wall of pillows, sipping green tea, “Spell of the Sensuous” open on my lap, and my eyes fixed toward the line of trees on the SW horizon. Lyric FM is on the radio. The wind sings through the window vent. The baby birds under the eave chirp softly.

We are moving!! Thank the sweet baby Jesus, yes we are!

In Ireland suburbs are known as housing estates. I guess they are the same world wide. No amenities, very little individuality in architecture, and even less community identity. Due to the lack of amenities and community you are forced to drive almost everywhere. In their most gruesome, they remind me of the endless fields in The Matrix, where humans are grown. Back in Austin I was committed to living close to the city centre, close to community and in a neighborhood with character. I was the proud rider of a Breezer commuter bicycle, member of both of my local car share programs, and frequent rider of public transport. I didn’t own a car and had no desire to purchase one.

Himself bought an apartment in an up and coming estate back during the boom. His plan had been to sell, pocketing a tidy sum. That dream is long buried in the dust of the property crash that devastated the country and most of the world. Stuck here since my arrival, I have bemoaned my imprisonment, even likening the experience of the “burbs” to purgatory. (melodramatic much?)

No more purgatory for me! I have been liberated!!

Or, soon will be. We are moving before the end of the month! He has gone out on his own (forced out of the nest a bit, but flying solo now none the less) so we are moving to CORK!! The first stop will be Donegal, since we found tenants for the apartment so quickly. We’ll crash at his sister’s while searching for houses. He also has loads to do setting the business up. Logo, virtual office, letterhead, website, introductory letter, scheduling meetings with clients……..

But I get to move!! And find a house with a garden!!! Best of all, I get to explore Cork. The place left behind by one of my Irish ancestors all those long years ago.

I dropped in to our local health food store today for a very routine purchase. I like to keep a blended tincture of Echinacea and Golden Seal on hand for illness. Browsing the small tincture section I spotted Echinacea but could not find the blend anywhere. After asking the owner I was shockingly informed it wasn’t available anymore. In fact, once she sold out of her existing supply of Golden Seal tablets there wouldn’t be anymore of that! A new EU directive is regulating herbal medicine, and the process is simply too expensive for most producers.

She told me St. John’s Wort was taken off previously, as was 5HTP. I have always believed Europe to be supportive of Complimentary Medicine. There is a long tradition of using herbal products in Germany, France, the UK, and many other countries, as well as research to support their usefullness. I simply do NOT understand this happening.

Looks like I will need care packages from the U.S. :unhappy face:

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