I am in the throes of a terrible case of homesickness.

    All the wonderful things about Austin are heavy on my heart.

Going for a jog with my little Big. Taking my Little big charity shop hunting. Sauntering through my tree filled neighborhood, in sandals and summer skirt, to sip chocotinis with friends while listening to groovy tunes on the patio at Dolce Vita. (the huffington post obviously loves Dolce, too – see slide 4). Bike rides to Wheaties for nourishing locally grown organic food. Time spent in meandering conversation with friends. My purple room, and my purple chair. An easy bus ride downtown for any number of art, club, restaurant, outdoor, tank top wearing pursuits. Walking 3 blocks, accompanied by bird song, to any of 3 great coffee shops. My spiritual community.


    Have you ever felt homesick? How did you cope?