Well, the signs are pointing toward my ability to look for work! As well as offer my services to private clients. I have an appointment on 7 Feb to acquire my residence card, which will allow me to get my PPS number, which will allow me to send letters of enquiry, along with qualifications, to suitable clinics and health centres.

And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply

I ran across a brochure in town the other day for an acupuncturist. She is using the same graphic motif used on my business website. It’s a beautiful brochure, and since it would work so well for my upcoming marketing strategy, I emailed to ask which printer she used. She got them for reduced rate from vista print. What a great money saver!

Now, if we (i.e. “He”) can just decide whether we are staying in Meath or moving to Dublin or Cork, I can get some business cards printed and sort out my own treatment room.

:fingers crossed: