There are times a girl has a hankering for homemade flour tortillas, and no matter how she tries to distract herself; green curry, red curry, anchovies, hot chocolate … she must eventually succumb. Today, was my day.

Flour tortillas are ingredient light. All you need is flour, baking powder, salt, vegetable shortening (or lard), and hot water. I had everything but the shortening. Back home this humble ingredient can almost be had on any street corner. Down the baking goods aisle are buckets and tubs of various brands of shortening and lard. After all, it use to be a staple in EVERY southerners home. So today, I sauntered down to the local market to grab some.

Olive oil…… corn oil…… sunflower oil……ummm, all these are liquids. Ok, start again. Beginning of the aisle. Seasonings….. “sad excuse for” mexican food ingredients (old el paso)….. italian food ingredients…..thai food ingredients….Olive oil..corn oil…sunflower oil….OH, there it is!! Wait. Ooops, that’s only goose fat. OH, wait. Maybe it’s on the other aisle where the flour and assorted baking ingredients are.

self rising flour….. organic flour…. cake flour…..castor sugar….brown sugar….icing sugar….bextartar….shredded suet….eggs (yes, on the shelf, not in refrigerated). WAIT. There’s no oil here…..:grumble: Maybe I could try butter??

To the refrigerated butter and cheese section I go….and there, I see this: Along with small squares of lard, the vegetable shortening was in the refrigerated section next to the butter! Who would have know.

So, if any of you find yourself with a strong hankering for homemade flour tortillas…you know where to find ’em!