I love vintage. Charity shop hunting is a favorite pastime. The thrill that surges through my being when my hand alights upon an exquisite item, discarded by its previous owner and ready to become mine for a song, can not be described. You must experience it to understand. I think it’s what my ancestors must have felt when a prime berry patch was discovered. I have been searching out second-hand shops in Dublin over these past weeks and Saturday I stopped into three of them. As my eyes scanned the racks, looking for quality fabric and my colors, I spotted a luscious thing of linen and silk. Bark brown linen with delicately sewn accents of bronze silk, stitches carefully and delicately made, a single row of gold brocade, and fully lined in golden liquid silk. I knew the frock had to be mine. The Adolpho Dominguez dress, in my size, came home with me for a mere €9. Saturday was good hunting!

Since Himself was with me, and has a recent love of Japanese food, we stopped at Yo!Sushi on Clarendon street. It’s a sushi bar with the little conveyor belt system. Small round bowls in a never ending stream float by your table. If the sushi parade doesn’t satisfy your fancy, you can push the red button and order from the hot menu. (the red button sets off a siren, with some crazy Japanese music as accompaniment, and a light flashes at your table) It was nice enough, and He really enjoyed the eel, but it was pricey (those little bowls add up!) and since we have to watch our nickels and dimes, we might not be back.

After food and shopping we visited The Morgan for espresso martinis. This bar is cool! I will return, definitely. Although the martini wasn’t as good as the one I had at Solas, the people watching was superb and worth the €10 drink. Funky curtains of blue lights separated the interior from Fleet street, and inside beautiful and interesting people chatted. We were sandwiched between a local TV personality who was out with a very young and anorexic looking girl sipping diet coke and two french couples who sent back their first bottle of wine because it was corked.

We ended the evening at The Abbey Theatre, where we laughed and cried our way through Arrah-na-Pogue. This delightful, and wonderfully acted, melodrama was outrageously funny! I won the tickets the day before by answering a question on the Abbey’s facebook page. It was great to have a free date night, especially since the martinis were so expensive. 😀 Seriously, if you are in town while this show is running, go see it!

As we waited for the bus home one of His friends randomly strolled by! In fact, he had been running the light board at the show we just saw! Small world, and small city. Naturally, we had to go for pints. Around the corner and to the Celt Pub on Talbot street we went. I think this place is generally a tourist destination but there was trad music and cider. (word of caution: never drink Bulmers light. It tastes like CRAP) There were loads of people, all in good spirits. We stood wedged into the crowd, discussing the Irish language and which county is prettiest (they are both from Donegal, so the deck was stacked) while neatly finishing two rounds (there was jostling over who had the privilege of paying for each) and made it back for the last bus just in time.

All in all, a nice way to spend a Saturday in Ireland.