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The collapse of both government and finance here in Ireland has consumed my knowledge thirsty brain, leaving me little time to update. So, let me take care of a few things before the 4 year budget is released in 2 hours.

Since my last post we 1) successfully slithered into a Roscommon cave, 2) took a trip to Mayo, with a stay in Castlebar and Westport, and a drive along the coast road to Achill Island, and 3) went to see Harry Potter.

Each of these really requires its own post, and I plan to do just that later this week. But to give you a glimpse, the cave was mysterious, profound, muddy, illuminating, silent as the grave. We saw things marvelous, honored the ancient holy day of Samhain, and made an unwitting fairy offering of 200 quid. Mayo, especially Achill Island, were stormy, thrilling, exhilarating, with wet-induced-starvation, and a narrowly escaped fairy offering of his Dad’s watch!

What can I say about Harry Potter? You either already know you will love it, or, like Himself, you have no idea, in which case you probably shouldn’t go. You will have no idea what’s going on and will annoy those around you with silly questions. 🙂


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