Oh, wait. It’s Monday. I mean….It WAS the Weekend!!!

Saturday we piddled around the house before heading into town (Dublin) to meet one of his childhood friends, and the friend’s girlfriend, for drinks. The odyssey began at Sweeney’s, a nondescript but functional pub in Temple Bar. It was early, so there weren’t many people in yet, but I hear the place turns into a hot and happening disco later on. I fell in love with a set of old wooden cabinets in the back. They were reminiscent of old grocer or apothecary boxes. We had a pint, then moved on to Hogan’s where the boys ran into some old school friends.

Hogan’s is a cavernous old place with modern accents. A comfortable spot that people tend to drop into as they pass on George street. In the basement is a funky little night club that can gather quite a crowd on the weekends! After a pint, and chat with the Donegal boys, we moved on to….

The “no name” bar. It has acquired this name, not because it’s the actual name, but because there is no name, only a picture of a snail. It’s tucked away just off George Street, hidden, with a fine restaurant downstairs and a nondescript entrance leading to a comfortable, friendly, polished bar upstairs. There is a real relaxed and chill vibe there, with couches and a lovely outdoor sitting area, for those Dublin smokers! I tried one of their house specialties, a Lemon Basil Smasher. Part gin, part fresh squeezed lemon juice, part sugar, part expertly twirled basil leaves, it was delicious! After two of these, we headed to 4 Dame Lane, which is close to Sweeney’s.

4 Dame Lane is noticeable due to the flaming lanterns on the entrance. This is a cool, dark, funky club with two floors. The first has some large, deep booths which are great for groups of friends, while upstairs is a disco bar which is sleeker in design, but still retains the chilled atmosphere. I started on gin and tonics at this bar, and after some awesome dancing (and a twirl and dip by Himself) and FOUR drinks, we made the mad dash for the last bus home.

Of course we didn’t make it. The half eleven (11:30) bus pulled out just as we rushed up, so we made our way across O’Connell Street for the midnight Night Link north. That was Saturday….

Sunday contained more piddling, a soak in the tub and a trip into town (Dublin) to the National Concert Hall for La Traviata. I love opera, and this romantic tragedy by Verdi is one I had never seen. We bought the cheap orchestra balcony seats but were upgraded upon arrival due to obstruction by the set. Yay!! It was lovely. The music and the voices blending together to take you on a journey. Her bird song voice, the riotous laughter, the burlesque dancers in stockings and heels. As we strolled back to the car afterward, He remarked on how Dignified the city looked on a Sunday evening. Lights, empty streets, and the occasional passerby.

A lovely weekend in Ireland.