lesson one

Back in Texas I swept the floors with a broom. Yes, that sounds banal. Everyone knows what a kitchen broom is. Long stick with twigs attached in a fan shape. I have even owned a push broom a few times in my life, usually when I had a garage or other large concrete area. Here, in Ireland, one always uses a push broom. Take this one, for example. You sort of sweep / push the dirt around into piles. Then you pull out, what I would have thought of as, a crumb sweeper or whisk. You bend over with this little sweeper and tidy up the piles of dirt. It’s a tedious process; pushing all the dirt around, finding a place for the pusher thing while bending over to whisk up the dirt, and carrying all three items around the house with you. No doubt you are meant to push all the dirt into one massive pile, then whisk it up at once into the little tray. I feel like I’m learning to eat with chopsticks. (which I still can’t do, by the way) Like I said, banal. End of lesson.