I realize I was spoiled, probably still am. You see, back in Texas there was a space the size of our current kitchen and dining room attached to my bedroom. It had windows, electrical outlets, and a door (or in my decorating case; billowy curtains) separating it from my room. It’s sole purpose was to house my clothes…and shoes, and handbags, and scarves, and winter doona, and sheets, and towels. Yes, I had a walk-in closet the size of a room.

I was fully aware of the wardrobe space in my “new” house. I culled, and stored, and gave away, and thought I packed smartly, but oh, how I struggle to find space! I got some great tiered skirt hangers from Howard’s in south Dublin. I can hang 4 skirts on each hanger. They are great space savers. I also ordered some hanging shoe racks, jewelry bag and trouser hanger from the same store. (they delivered to us here for only €4) The hanging jewelry bag was great for my earrings, but I have no idea how to sort my necklaces, bracelets and rings. We are on the look out for a nice dressing table, which will give me space for make-up, lotions, creams and hair accessories. I found a lovely antique one on gumtree for €60, which I didn’t think was bad. I do cringe at the consumption. I own most of the storage essentials I need now. They are just thousands of miles away and across an ocean. It seems such a waste to purchase more.

We went for a Sunday walk on Tara. I collected oak bark, horse chestnut, ash “keys”, blackberries, and whitethorn berries. I’m coaxing essence from the oak bark, chestunt and ash. Both berries are being decoctated. I just discovered that the Ash keys can be pickled! I can’t wait to collect more and try it!

I stumbled upon some delicious lectures being offered this autumn. Several at UCD on mythology and folklore, and some by the Arts Club on Yeats and Sheela-na-Gigs! This Samhain season is shaping up to be wicked good.