The man himself is away at the Matchmaker Festival in Lisdoonvarna for a friend’s Stag Weekend. What could they possibly be hunting? Are there guns? Dogs? Slices of lime? I suppose they could be hunting females, but certainly not Stag, and most likely strong beverage like these lads. The concept of a stag or hen WEEKEND baffles me. I understand the ancient implications of a night of debauchery before the serious business of marriage, at least when marriage meant having children every year, finally moving out of your parents house and struggling to make your own way in the world. Everyone needs one last hurrah before that! But in the modern world, where relationship structures are vastly different, do we still need furry Irishmen roaming the streets in green body thongs? For an entire weekend???

I fear for the older people who will be, in fact already have been, subjected to these lads marauding in quiet West Clare. My only hope Obi-Wan Kenobi is geography. For Lisdoonvarna is in the Burren of County Clare, and as such is home to hobbits and elves. Least wise according to the Burren Tolkien Society! Perhaps the boys, and hopefully the poor folk of Lisdoonvarna, will awaken to find it was all a strange dream. With not a body thong in sight!