or, are you just happy to see me?

My KitchenAid stands alone on the counter top. I gaze upon it with longing, dreading the dark winter days when dreams of baking will dance in my head, with my mixer on another continent! I delayed packing it because I hoped for some miracle that might allow me to bring it. Could it be smuggled in my luggage? Taken on board the plane in my personal bag? Held on my lap, like a small child?

Recently I came across an old New York Times article on baggage shippers. I can ship my mixer and other items of weight in a small box for half the cost of replacing the mixer. This may be my solution of choice for those bits and bobs I can’t do without, since my furniture and kitchen/book boxes are waiting till next year, or the year after, to sail over.

This makes me very happy, on this bustling Wednesday when all the students pour back into the University!