Today I sorted. My library (which consists of well over 500 volumes) has been sorted into two main categories:
1. keepers
2. for new owners

and 5 sub categories:
a. wants to come with me NOW
b. Ireland
c. literature
d. comparative religions
e. health / garden

I have the sub-categories in piles on the floor in the Purple Room. They will go into nice plastic containers, and await the day I ship them across the sea….all but one stack. One stack are books that screamed, tossed themselves at me, or were otherwise too precious to leave behind. That stack is huge. I tried fitting them into my carry-on (my strategy for getting books over, so I am not restricted by the weight limit imposed on checked luggage), and besides the fact that they wouldn’t all fit, I was unable to lift the bag!!

Back to the drawing board.