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I guess immigration procedures are suppose to be a bit confusing. Gone are the open borders that gave us Ellis Island, where passage fare and health were all one needed. Now you need the ability to read.

I am applying for permission to stay in the country based on my De Facto Relationship with an Irish national. We had done a bit of research on what was needed, and where to send things. All the information we read indicated that I needed to be in the country when we posted the proof of our relationship to the Department of Justice. Since the day of departure is drawing near, my sweetie decided to ring up the local Garda, who will ultimately give me the stamp, to make sure we were doing everything correctly. Come to find out, I shouldn’t be there when we make application! He advised us to submit it all before I leave so we have a decision when I enter the country and can declare myself at the airport.

This puts a kink in things. We were assuming I needed to be in Ireland when we initiated the request, that an appointment might take a few weeks, and that arriving earlier would help facilitate everything. Now it seems, I may have purchased my ticket a few weeks too soon. He has posted a letter to the INIS asking what we should do.

I’m going to be really sad if I have to reschedule my flight. To help me remember how we have gotten through it all thus far, I give you: one of our songs


I have purchased the ticket! To honor the traditions in Clare, I officially move house on a Friday in mid-September. I have heard that some eastern counties consider it unlucky to begin a journey on Friday, and I suspect this is due, in part, to the Good People being out and about on this day. “Don’t be drawing their attention.” Since I have a familial relationship with my Neighbors, I have to agree with those in Clare (the fairest of all counties). For to travel with such a host must be lucky indeed!

Folklore aside, something about having that ticket “in hand” made the move more real. I was speaking with Himself just after purchase and we both went a bit mad at the thought. Oh, how wonderful it will be! :gulp: Better finish packing!

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