He arrives next Friday. That is 9…count them…nine, more days! My. Heart. May. Burst. Spending the money to visit me here in Texas only a month before my departure seemed silly when he purchased the ticket, but now…. Now, things are different!

I had a Spanish exam tonight and to reward myself for hard work on those reflexive verbs, am sipping some lovely Portuguese Vinho Verde. If you’ve not tried Portuguese white I highly recommend it as a summer drink. Aliance Vinho Verde Branco To go along with my not-quite-spanish-but-near-neighbors wine, I am enjoying left-over Mystery Vegetable Stew with organic chicken sausage. For those of you who may be wondering (crickets ? pill bugs ? rattlesnakes in trees ?), Mystery Vegetable Stew is crafted by carefully cutting every vegetable left from last week’s CSA bushel into a crock pot, covering with a half bottle of red wine, and simmering all day. Tonight’s Mystery contains luscious eggplant, tomato, summer squash, bell peppers, potato and celery.

Later this week there will be chocotini’s with the good friends whose birth I attended, a Lammas ritual at the Vortex Theatre, and more packing. I have finished the kitchen and will begin on the library. Books….my guilty pleasure!