We got a response from the INIS, and it only took one week! Granted, the response merely says they are in receipt of his letter and that applications and inquiries are handled in chronological order, but hey, we have a reference number. That must be good. My suggestion is to follow the instructions on the website (um, yea) and post the requested documentation along with our new reference number to the address provided. 😀 We’ll see if he agrees with me.

This week has been full of discoveries. I learned that we share an interest in sustainable building and off-grid living. How have I known this man for two years and am just now hearing of this!?! Probably I have influenced him somewhat, but it’s delightful to hear all the same. Our house hunting has shifted to raw land and builders, specifically cob builders. A quick search led me to The Hollies . They have worked with the Cob Cottage company out of Portland, who incidentally trained the woman who trained me in cob building, Kindra Welch of Clay and Straw. Delightful discoveries all around.