I am packing. It is giving me a headache.

While the big move doesn’t happen until September, I still have the requisite “your continent or mine” visit this week. As you know, my brilliant plan is to move my belongings in increments as checked luggage. I think spending $150 for 3 checked bags now, and again in September, will be a cheaper and easier solution than trying to post that same amount of stuff. I only failed to account for one very important detail.


Bringing half now and half then requires that I have some idea of what is ultimately going and what is staying behind. It requires that I have a plan, that I have thought this out. Since I haven’t, and it appears I really don’t want to (hence the desire to run screaming down the street), I’m going to focus on winter items. (and yes, I know winter items here are actually year-round items in Ireland, but pretending there is a difference helps me, so let’s go with it)

I’ve gone through my sweaters and long sleeved tops. I have a pile for packing and a pile for the charity shop. I’ve done the same thing with my jeans and heavy skirts. While I was in that section of the closet I included costume items (actors tend to accumulate these things). Some are being stored and some are going to the charity shop. I don’t think any are being packed. Jackets, coats and shoes remain to be sorted. I find that I have a mental block when it comes to books and non-clothing personal items. I know there are some reference materials I will want, and probably need. I also know I will want a few small decorative items, including framed photos, so the house feels like mine. But what those are, I haven’t a clue!

Now, back to it. The UEFA Champions League Final is over (Inter won – woohoo) and I have no more excuses for procrastination.

Oh, MY!