“Ireland is in a recession.” “As is the rest of the world.” “Yea, but it’s really bad in Ireland.”

What if I can’t find work? What if I run out of money? What if I feel worthless because of this? I mean, there are loads of qualified Irish people looking for work, too.

Leaving a solid job with a major University is scary right now. I console myself with the knowledge that I would be forced to make this decision soon anyway, regardless of the move. I only have 4 remaining prerequisite courses. The semester before I finish those I must apply to the University for upper division course work. Once accepted and enrolled, I would be a full-time student and the job would be history. I must remind myself of this.

“Ireland is in a recession.” “Yea. So is the rest of the world.” “But it’s really bad in Ireland.” “Thank goodness you’re a bohemian student. You have an excuse to be broke and work in a coffee shop.” “True that.”